To participate in Gesamt follow these four simple steps:



1. Check out Lars Six Challenges and be inspired.

2. Film a maximum of five minutes material, in which you make your own reinterpretation of one or more of the six art pieces.

3. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the entry regulations on this page and to read and accept the OFFICIAL RULES (PARTICIPANT TERMS).

4. Go to Submit Your Film and send your material to Gesamt via Wetransfer or DVD before the 6th of September 2012.


Important dates:

6th of august - 6th of september: Send in your material.

6th of september - 2nd of October: The material will be selected and the film(s) edited.

12th of October: the work will premiere and will stand as an art installation open to the public for at least five weeks. Gesamt will premiere at Kunsthal Charlottenborg in Copenhagen in a dark room with four screens running at the same time - bot not showcasing any material simoultaneously. The installation will run for a time period of 5 weeks.



You can base you material on one or as many of the six artworks as you like.

You can send as much material as you wish, but only five minutes of material at a time.

You can submit all types of material, whether it's fiction, documentary, animation, stop-motion, stills, with or without sound - only your imagination and the six art pieces set the limits.

Your material should be produced in connection to Gesamt and may not have been previously published elsewhere. This means that you can't publish your materiale anywhere until after the premiere of Gesamt, October 12th.



Do not submit audio, music, pictures or any type of material you do not have rights to. A good starting point is that all the material must be original - created by you.

You need to reinterpret one or more of the six art pieces - but do not directly depict them in your material. For example: do not show Paul Gauguin's painting or use the audio from Cesar Franck's Sonata.

Read the official rules and terms for submission of material here.



What is Gesamt looking for in your material?

  • Uniqueness and originality
  • Creativity
  • Compliance with the director's creative and artistic vision for the film
  • How the submitted material complements the rest of the incoming material


The submitted material will be edited and put together with other contributors' material. It has no influence on the selection of the material for the film, whether it is more or less edited together. The material can be just as rough and fine-cut as you like.


The same applies to the technical quality of the material. Technical quality in itself has nu influence on the selection of the material. However, if your material for example presents an important dialogue, there will be emphasis on the quality of the sound.


The selected material will be part of the final film, which will premiere on the 12th of October 2012.



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